Friday, December 12, 2008

Sixth Dimension

To stay connected
My quill must dance
Upon the weathered parchment
Fingers embrace the pen

What is this magic
What is this pull
Into dimensions felt, not seen

To time eternal
Memories that tarry

Some past, some future
Mortal, immortal
Concrete, ambiguous

Embrace me
Never let me go
Curves, lines, circles
Magic strokes upon the page

january 20, 2oo8

Poetry is a therapeutic tool for me, allowing me to access and express a part of my soul that otherwise remains dormant. Sometimes when I am in process of composing a prose or poem, I become immersed within another time and space. It is as if time stands still and I feel a connection to myself that goes beyond everyday perception.

I thought that perhaps it is a 6th dimension. As my manner is, I then googled "sixth dimension." Sixth dimension has to do with community. I felt it applied to my inner thoughts, for I think that we do communicate via ways not yet verified in our Western scientific paradigm. As we are more in tune with ourselves, we will be more in tune with others....
  • Three Dimensional Space (Eg Proximity of people and groups of people to one another, resulting in interaction) (Consider also the physical shape of a tool used by a blacksmith)
  • 4 -- Time (Eg The birth, death and marriage dates that connect people to one another)
  • 5 -- Objects (Eg People and their tools, homes and beasts of burden)
  • 6 -- Societal Values (Prevalent attitudes in a community that evolve in response to a complex web of human interactions)


George The LostNight said...

When I started to write, I discovered then how this therapeutic tool, this quill, this transformation of the human feelings. Then the connections with others that related to their owns feelings.

This dimension reaches our core as the human. It is a way for us as poets to connect because we do require the solitude to write.

oneperson said...

And where would be without the internet. :-D An amazing tool to connect the world.

I still write with pen in a journal, yet I find myself more and more at the keyboard..with this new evolving parchment.

On another note, yes...I found that putting words to paper is transforming, for me.

Thanks George for commenting. It means a lot to me.

Carol :-)