Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I talked to God today...

I talked to God today
and asked if he was near

Breeze tickled my toes
but I couldn't see the breeze

Birds warbled among trees
but I didn't see the birds

Crickets chirped amidst ferns
but no crickets could be seen

Cars hummed on distant streets
but I did not see the cars

Stereo bass boomed from the road
but no speakers could I see

Golden leaves of autumn shone
but sun had moved beyond my sight

Lonely leaf drifted to earth
but gravity was invisible

I wanted to see a snake today
I like snakes in the wild

Autumn sun invites them
to bathe before they hibernate

I wondered to myself,
God, do you hibernate?

Then my telephone buzzed
a welcome friend I heard

Yet I could not see the lovely face
to whom the voice belonged

I talked to God today
and asked if He was near

november 08, 2009


It was a lovely day this past Sunday, 11/08.

I looked for snakes as I walked along the Greenway.  I thought of them hibernating soon.

I sat on my deck and listened to all the sounds around me.  I watched.  The giant tree up in the woods really did shine golden from the sun which was hidden on the other side of the house.  The sounds, though I couldn't see their makers, were very much real and alive.

That seems to be how God answered my question.

I was on my way to write the poem when my phone rang.  It was a friend.  We talked for over two hours.

Life is everywhere around us, every day.  Have you ever noticed how many seeds are produced?  Wow!

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