Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Now and Then

What is it that you seek
Peering past, o'er your shoulder
If only you had rear eyes
Your neck would get some rest

Why not stop?

About face, look forward
Vista wide
Neck relaxes

Until you strain to hard

Failures, losses
Successes, gains
Some past, others future

This moment
The only guarantee

Time in a bottle
Moments in pictures
Dreams await in visions

This moment
A time to sew

january 29, 2009

For months I've had on my list to update my poetry archive at PoetryPages; it was last updated in March, 2009.  Today, I found the above poem in my poetry journal, the one I scribble in...words and phrases.  Though it had been written in January, I never did post it on my archive.

I asked myself, "What was the context of this poem?"  I had written it to enter a poetry challenge, which I never entered. The challenge stated certain words that needed to be in the poem.

My mom died two days after this poem was written.  Interesting timing.

I could swear I've posted this one somewhere, but perhaps not.

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