Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Untitled & Faction

~by mightfall

breathe into me
let your soul seep inside a moment
and we'll be together,
gather yourself in the rain
and i'll love you there,
outside in the cold velvet night
where only our arms are warm,
where we need us
and us alone.
i want to be trapped in darkness
with only your eyes the light
and our hunger the only air to breathe.
the rain wouldn't stop
i guess it never will
until our fervent touch
drives away obscuring clouds
breathe into me
we have life, laughter, love,
just breathe

This untitled piece is not written by me or for me; but hey, what woman wouldn't love this? Perhaps one reason it touches me deeply is due to it's reference to 'breath.'  Breath, which gives life.

When the author, 'mightfall,' requested comment on it, I simply stated words that came to mind, that which I felt.  ~ melding of souls  ~ distance is no factor ~ bond is deeper than any distance can divide ~ same rain falls upon both, yet...together...depths are unfathomable ~ two as one ~ same breath ~ no hunger ~

I first met 'mightfall' (the author's screen name) in December, 2007, on  'Mightfall' has been another instrumental person in helping me sort through my time with and after The Way. We chat online regularly, have spoken on the phone, and visited via webcam.  He loves  his wife, his dogs, his homeland, fast cars, the beauty of life, and more.

Shortly after we met via cyber waves, 'mightfall'  learned that I'd been involved in an abusive religious group.  He had no idea regarding my involvement with  (GSC), the anti-Way online forum,  and the unpleasant manipulative experiences I'd had at GSC. He'd never even heard of GSC.  With the knowledge of my involvement in an abusive religious group; yet without the knowledge of my involvement with GreaseSpotCafe, he penned a quick prose for me entitled...

~by mightfall

They had you in their greasy little palms, didn't they
And they went to squish and mold you like clay
To serve their whims, will, and foul devices
But you are not clay; in their grasp you broke
Like a bird in the too large hands of a too small child
I just wonder, did you keep the pieces in a box,
and if you've a warm and loving home
and some glue?

 He must have been writing via intuitive cyber waves. :-) Ha! His choice of words definitely had my attention, and we've been communicating ever since.

Thanks to mightfall'  for his friendship and wisdom.

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