Friday, December 18, 2009

Day's End

Today came.  
Today went.

Reading. Writing. Speaking. 
Singing. Hoping. Giving. 
Receiving. Smiling. Laughing.
Working. Typing. Thinking.

Eyes now closing.  
Feet tapping.  

Pause.  Pray.
Give thanks.

 december 18, 2009
I got home from work after midnight.  My mind was swimming with all I need to get many things left undone.  The things on my list that will soon have to get done.

I thought, 'Well, what did I accomplish today?' Just the small list in my little prose makes a worthwhile day.

Most of my days, and I would think most everyone's days, are spent relating.  The only way we can't relate is if we cease to exist.  Some think that we never cease.  I don't concern myself much with that.

My day began laughing with my son and ended laughing with my daughter. In between involved good conversation with others, even the dogs, Maggie and Butter.  What more can one ask for?


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