Saturday, October 22, 2011


(Warning: language content)

I scoop poop
That's what I do
Day in, day out
Baggies with poo

Ridding the earth
From four-legged

To all the two-legged
Who use others as

I curse the air
You breathe

With velvet-cloaked dagger
You slice
Faux righteousness as
Your cause
Deed exacted, harm complete
You feign all is well
Moving on to your next
You whitewash
Dipping your brush in
You cleanse and sanitize

Curse every one of you
Whores and bastards

If a hell exists
May you be consumed
By a slow burn

Until then
May all your days
Be bathed by masturbation

I prefer the
Bestowed by four-legged

egest - to discharge, as from the body; void (opposed to ingest)
egesta - matter egested from the body, as excrement or other waste


Just a bit peeved at liars and thieves and manipulators.

I despise cover up, despise it with a passion.
It happens all the time, every little things and large. All over this planet.

I hope to not grow cynical and to find gratitude for the good and to keep a tender heart in spite of the continual drippings of deceit that surround.

What prompted my anger was when I heard of yet another story of corporate downsizing (in a sleazy manner). It was the straw on the camel's back after the past year of an initially misdiagnosed ongoing drug-induced injury with no accountability on the pharmaceutical end; after mental health therapist abuse with no accountability and then the therapist publicly lying about it and me (and others) and then apparently running from the state and then what appears to be trying to erase the harms; after my car and bike get stolen from a garage and the waiting game not knowing if the garage will take any accountability; not to mention the residual leftover debris of previous years and decades.

One drip at a time to try to crust the heart.

It's the no accountability, the hush factor, that pisses me off. Gawd it can make my blood boil.

Now onto laughter and good stuff...I hope.

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