Thursday, April 11, 2013


Some days it burns
Some days it aches

Every day it lingers
Every day it weakens
Every day it exacts

A toll

Accessing parkways to meander
Accessing highways to faster

But this toll
Accessing fatigue that drains
Accessing despair that pines for death

I just do not know
if I have what it takes
to pay this toll

My pouch approaches bankruptcy
Time for a loan


Denise said...

Hang in there. I understand how it suxs living with pain everyday. Trying to figure it out myself.

Remember it's always darkest b4 the dawn. You're valued by so many people. Thank you for being you.

There is no other who is even close to your coolness factor. Seriously! You've cheered me up so many times. I try to return the favor :) Nothing is forever.

Thanks for being my friend.

oneperson said...

Awww... thank you Denise!

And thanks for listening to me hours on end. Where would be without telephones?


oneperson said...

I adapted something someone else wrote about peripheral neuropathy. I changed a few words and put it to tune:

PN to Party

I need not let PN become
The feed that rots my life undone
With mindfulness this low will rise
I'll leave this valley far behind

Denise said...


Denise said...

The metaphorical language is superb! Wonderful analogy. Why does our best writing come out of our pain sometimes? Not always, of course, but often it does.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome Carol! An inspiration to me and so many others.
Love ya,

oneperson said...

TY April!