Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Life is a Gift

[Note: From the deep archives...1978-1981]

How thankful I am
for men who have stood
through trial, through doubt,
through temptation and spite.
For because of these men
I can stand here today
and declare the glory
of my God.
Without these men
I would not know that
my life is a gift
to the Body of Christ.

I've been called and enabled
to carry forth His Word
A task far greater
than man can comprise,
A task so great
that only God can provide
the energy and strength
to carry on.
I shall stand 'til my death
or the Return of my Lord.
My heart is committed
to do that which is takes
to see God's Word
over the world.

My life is a gift
to the Body of Christ.
Because of men before me
I know that I can.
I'm Corps.
I'm called forever to stand.
My life is a gift
to the Body of Christ.

What shall I say
when tempted to doubt?
For with God I stand!
He has clothed me with
His Righteousness;
with that I have the right
to speak boldly.

To Him I give
the whole burnt offering,
the living sacrifice.
My Lord, here I am.
My life is a gift
to the Body of Christ.
I'm called. I'm Corps,
forever to stand!
My life is a gift
to the Body of Christ.


Obviously written in my true-believer days.

Good people were in the Way Corps, folks with good hearts. At the time, I believed the leaders had followers' best interests at heart. And some leaders did.

The top leadership though...well...imo, the Way's founder was a(and other top leaders were/are) manipulative narcissist(s), at the least. That opinion has developed over the last eight years as I've studied human behavior and group dynamics and transcendent belief systems; and as individuals have shared their personal stories with me, their encounters with certain of these men and women.

I realize all people make mistakes. Mistakes aren't the issue; patterns of manipulation are...wrong...wrong. I'd say even evil. Not something to go looking for. But to be aware of? Yes.

I hike in the woods. I am aware of snakes and bears and poison ivy.

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