Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Never Doubt

[Note: From the deep archives...1978-1981]

Sometimes our walk in life
may not display our whole love for God.
But don't be quick to judge another;
even greater not yourself.
Remember that God looks upon the heart;
He understands our every doubt.
Yet, He is confident in us!
es; you and me
Regardless of our old-man doubts.

God doesn't doubt;
He believes in us.
He has entrusted us with
His most precious gem;
That is His Love, His Son, His Word,
His very Heart
So that we might hide
Him in our hearts
And hold Him in our minds,
So that we might see
as He sees us
with hearts as pure as His.

God so loved that He gave
while we yet lived in sin.
Well has God quit giving now?!?
We need but reach deep
And with all we've got
reach out
Bury our hearts in His,
entrust Him with our all.

God is our Strength,
our Enablement.
He believes in you
and me.
So don't be quick to judge
And even greater not
But at times
when this happens
Remember God
lean to nothing else.


Another poem written in my true-believer days.

The Way taught that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. And The Way taught the "law of believing;" that is that what one believes in one's heart one receives and that "confession (or words) of belief yields receipt of confession (words)."

It was a double-edged sword for certain least for me. I became eaten up with self-doubt. Standards were so high; I just couldn't attain them. But, I was not supposed to condemn my self; so then I'd condemn myself for condemning my self.

Anyway, it's somewhat ironic but not surprising, that I've been reading a book entitled "Trusting Doubt."

Quite opposite of the title of this poem.

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