Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Butterflies Will Dance

Thank you for your kindness,
thank you for your open heart.

Thank you for the gentle way
you allowed my soul
to grieve and rage,
to simply ride these waves.

Closure now allowed
hidden pain exposed
the closet put in order,
I'm finally letting go.

Here I close this casket
with my hands I fill the grave
cool dark soil in my palms,
grace has soothed the pain.

This plot of nourished soil
will feed the greenest growth
among daffodils and jonquils,
and a four-leaf clover show.

And butterflies will dance
betwixt the sprouts of life
reminding me of that which was,
and of the future bright.


april 2, 2007

Friday, May 9, 2014


I can pretend your words don't hurt,
the old "fake it 'til you make it"

The truth is much different

I ponder ambiguously
whether or not
to feign indifference,
unless inquired to opine

I was stunned, shocked,
silenced, disturbed
by your severe wielding

"Elementary social skills."
"Intent to harm."
"Lacking nuance."

Each accusation,
three fingers pointing backward
toward their assailant

All prompted by a difference of opinion

An opinion that disagreed with two
"blanket statements"
I guess I should have stated "broad-stroke,"
instead of "blanket"

Perhaps my text was unclear
I apologized to you,
informing you insult was not my intent

But even then, my so-called insult
was not deserving of your daggers

I refuse to
walk on eggshells
in your presence

I feel I must muster
the resolve
to address your allegations
when we are face to face

It will not be easy for me

I pray to any god who may exist
that behind closed doors
you exact no similar harm
toward my loved one

Another fucking growth opportunity