Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If I were invincible...

If I were invincible
I'd visit a terrorist camp

I would bring music
Happy music
Feel good music

Music that makes your cells

And while the music played
I would dance

Right there
In the middle of the training base

The true militants would be angry
Very angry
They would try to riddle my body with lead

But since I am invincible
No lead can harm me

And I dance
And I smile
And with my eyes
And with my hands
And with my body
I invite others

Won't you come dance, too?

Some militants
Who aren't really militants
But rather doubters
Slowly join in

And they dance
And they smile

And the true militants get angry
Very angry
And they try to riddle the doubters' bodies with lead

But since the doubters are dancing
They too are invincible
No lead can harm them

If I were invincible
That is what I would do