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technology evolved ~ parchment altered
humanity evolved ~ the cry of the soul remains
voice of poetry ~ language of the heart
anthology ~ a gathering of flowers of which there is a multitude


In this modern information age parchment has changed. Everyday billions of symbols and characters appear upon the cyber page. Yet, the cry of the human soul continues as it has for thousands of years - to be acknowledged, to be heard, to embrace life, to flee from life, to face death, to flee from death - with all the facets in between.

An anthology is a collection of poetry/prose. The root of the word 'anthology' mean "a gathering of flowers."

Thus this blog is a 'gathering of flowers'...of which there is a multitude. Some of splendor and life; others of loss and death. Yet each is significant; each deserves honoring.

With some of the poems I relay part of the context at the time the poem was written. Some poems are decades old. All poems/prose are authored by me unless otherwise stated. I sign some with my pen name, Judith Piper.

Many of my poems/prose express the loss, grief, longing, rage, searching, confusion and other emotions that surface as a result of living through challenges of life, some of them traumatic. Some poems express hopes and dreams. Writing poetry and journaling have been two of my main therapeutic helps.

Each individual has a journey; each journey is significant. There are no non-persons; there are no non-events. I hope humanity can someday learn to honor one another with the respect and love we each deserve.

To Life!

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Is there ever a final draft? ~moi
Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance. ~Carl Sandburg

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