Friday, December 12, 2008

Seagull Tattoo

someday I will soar the lofts
light as the butterfly
with strength of the eagle
upon the winds I shall rest


others shall peer
from their hidden crevices
some will join the flight
together we'll discover

silver linings in every cloud
mysteries hidden in each ice crystal
peace within the eye of the storm
treasures awaiting at rainbow's end

someday there will be harmony
won't there?

december 19, 2oo7

I am a dreamer. I hope that someday there will be harmony among the human species. Perhaps there is a place beyond death or a new heaven and earth to become. Perhaps there will be a sphere where peace prevails among our tribe.

I have a seagull tattooed on my back, at my right shoulder. I named her harmony over 3 decades ago. I had the dream then too. I hope I never quit dreaming.

How about you?


George The LostNight said...

I use to sit on the docks on the bay in the northwest for hours amazed at the seagulls, the numbers, their flights and their gracefulness. Us as humans we have to search harder for our own harmony. The rewards are so much greater than scrapes that rise to the surface. I like your poem and the message; I think we all dream for that.

oneperson said...

Thanks friend!!

Now I think of 'Sittin' on the dock of the bay...' hehe