Sunday, February 2, 2014

Elliptical Enchantment

Stately magnolia
Regal, splendid, statuesque
Lush open flower
White cradling pink
Among green and mahogany

Beneath her eloquent boughs
Pillows of moss and clover
Scattered boulders among pine needles
Harshness of life's survival
Seeds awaiting birth

Gracefully she sways
Earthly rhythms serenade
Sweet fragrance envelops every sense
Bathed in warm breezes
Swaddled in elliptical enchantment

She stretches toward the heavens
To glimpse the soft horizon
Setting of the celestial sphere
Moonlit stars, nature's graffiti
Trundling the cusp of the Milky Way

I behold your form
~magnolia's blossom~
I gaze into your eyes
~rivers of mahogany~
I feather your flesh with fingertips
~more delicate than moss and clover~
I drink in your fragrance
~intoxicating sweet breezes~

Sensuous lyrical whispers
~rhythm rocks our souls~
Luminous hypnotic aura
~immersed in celestial shadow~
Enticing flower opens
~ripples of desire~
Elliptical ecstasy
~horizon of nativity~

Entwined in delicate symmetry
Cradled in the afterglow
Breath's survival, awaiting birth
Circle of life
Riding the cusp of the Milky Way

November 6, 2007

Elliptical Enchantment is a poem I wrote for an online poetry challenge in November, 2007, at Poetry Pages.

The challenge criteria was:
"Anything remotely considered a poem is acceptable as long as the phrases and selected words are used.


soft mahogany/warm mahogany (or another phrase dealing with mahogany, doesn't have to be skin related, maybe furniture)
rhythm and blues/rock and roll/half step (or any music theory or general music reference)
A perfect square/Axis of Symmetry (or any math reference)
I hope you feel the same way too (or any reference to heartbreak or unrequited love or pursued love)

Words (Can change tense, make plural, etc. just use the root word):

lyrical/ lyric/ lyrically etc.
moonshine/moonlit/starlit (any moon or star reference)


End the poem in a cliff hanger"

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