Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Child's View

O child in me 
Remember to 
The joy of virgin
First time my eyes 

Thrill to spy the ocean spray
   moon dictate the tide each day
Dig my toes in seashore surf
    drip sand castles along her turf
Watch the dolphin sail up high
     smile and sparkle in her eye

Heart's delight as snowflakes fall
   excitement hearing coyote's call
In wonderment watch the butterfly
    unfurl her wings at first flight
Hold tight a kite on a string
     feel the pull of wind unseen

O God I pray 
                 I never lose
Eyes to behold 
                  each day as new

december 09, 2oo7

I don't recall in detail what was going through my mind when I wrote this poem, well other than a feeling of simplicity, dolphin smiles, kites, butterflies, and sand castles.

This poem comes to mind now because I turned 50 a couple days ago. I had the thought that day, "I'm entering my 2nd childhood."

I do feel that way, sort of. I have a sense of exploration and discovery ahead. I'm excited about life, about learning, about all the colors of the leaves.

I still have a goal to hike the entire Appalachian Trail before I draw my final breath. I'll hike it in snippets. My son is going to hike a couple sections this summer starting in GA and going into at least TN, perhaps VA.

I hope I always remember to view life, at least at times, through the eyes and heart of a child.


April Galamin said...

This is beautiful Carol! Let's do a book...soon! If we can. :)

I love you. You have made such an impact on my life.


oneperson said...

Thanks April!

I just now read your comment (again). I had forgotten you'd commented. Sorry I didn't respond before! I prolly responded previously by phone. lol

Love you! <3