Friday, September 3, 2010


Inspired by Ron and Diane ~ originators of 10,000 Miles 10,000 Dreams.

Sweaty. Sticky.
Salty beads roll down my torso
Trekking poles aid my sinews
Sinews aged, one-half century

Ascent. Rocks.
I peer ahead
Daughter of my youth has stopped
Stopped to converse with two passers-by

Trudge. Halt.
I stand beside my offspring
Introduced to the travelers
Travelers of 10,000 miles, gathering 10,000 dreams

Unload. Chat.
The four of us
Loosen straps, unclick clips
Clips that hold the packs, packs upon our backs

Serendipity. Resonance.
Sharing details of our lives
Each keenly aware of significance
Significance of this wilderness crossing

Dreams. Boldness.
"What is your life's dream?"
"If you were 10 times bolder,
how would you change the world?"

Corridors. Doubt.
My mind freezes
Searching its corridors, unsure
Unsure of my life's dream

Video. Sound.
Of the 10,000, I am 241
Daughter is number 242
Number 242 recorded on the digital screen

Humbleness. Pride.
I listen as Number 242 responds
And it dawns upon me
It dawns upon me that I behold

Before my eyes and with my ears
My life's dream fulfilled
One of my own 10,000 dreams
One of my own 10,000 tears

10,000 tears of gratitude

august 19, 2010


My 22-year old daughter, Sarah, and I took a couple-night backpacking trip in August, 2010, along the Appalachian Trail in New York.

Our route began around 7:00 pm from just south of Perkins Tower which is located on the top of Bear Mountain. We pitched tent after about a mile on an an open area with some rocks overlooking an awesome view of low mountains in the distance and a Hudson River tributary, the light diffusion from NYC visible all through the dark hours.

The next day we proceeded North, trekking through Bear Mountain Trailside Museum, which is a zoo featuring local animals. Yes, the AT goes right through the zoo, white blazes and all.

Upon exiting the zoo, the AT then leads the hiker across the Hudson River on the sidewalk of the Bear Mountain Bridge, traffic whirring by under the bridge cables and towers. Eventually, the AT exits 'civilization' and re-enters the woods. I think that wooded area is known as the Hudson Highlands.

By the end of the day we had hiked some eight to nine miles and pitched tent at the soccer field of the Graymoor Monastery. An awesome place which provides a cold shower and running water. Two luxuries for a backpacker. We camped that night with another backpacker, a section hiker who is a New Jersey State Trooper. I joked to my daughter that we were well protected - a state trooper on one side and a statue of Jesus on the other. Ha!

The next day, we headed back to Perkins Tower. It was due to an incident on the return trek that the poem originated.

Along the trail we met two beautiful people, as most AT backpackers are. I do really mean that; I love backpackers and hikers.

These awesome folks are Ron and Diane. They are hiking 2100 miles and then biking 7900 miles. Along the way they are collecting 10,000 dreams, one for each mile, via video recording which they then blog.

This collection will be combined into an art project to inspire people, folks of everyday life, to have hope and to reach for their dreams. What an awesome project!! Here is their website, Journey of Dreams.

When Diane asked me the question, "What is your life's dream?" my mind became paralyzed. Paralyzed because of a recent personal relationship conflict that had affected me at my core self and had left me in much internal distress and self-doubt. Just that morning I had journaled asking myself, "What do I do now? What is my focus?"

Anyhoo, I came up with one of my dreams to share for their project. They recorded my dream and I assume it will eventually appear on their blog in the Dream Interviews. I am the 241st dreamer and my daughter is Number 242.

I stumbled with my answer as the camcorder looked at me.

Then it was my daughter's turn.

And as she spoke, I realized....that my children are my greatest dream fulfilled. They are awesome people, in spite of my (and my wonderful husband's) parenting blunders. I treasure the decades we have been blessed to grow together. And now, my young adult children are my friends, at least as much as one can be *friends* with their kids.

What greater fulfillment could I ask?

Brings to mind a song from my Way days: "Sometimes I forget that I've been given, my life's dream..."

[An added funny. Ron and Diane live in Asheville, just a few hours from me. Ha. Life and serendipity.]

~Thanks to Ron and Diane for the inspiration~

Sarah appears at minute 5:26 on Ron and Diane's Journey of Dreams Webisode 6: NJ/NY.....


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your poem and watching the video with Sarah. I will look through more of the Journey of Dreams website when i have time.
Linda W.

Ron Roman said...

Hi: somehow this post seemed to fall thru the cracks but rediscovered it in our archives!

Thanks so much! We are cranking up the bike part soon and hitting some deadends. This is inspiration to us!

I'll send along an email, but, we are on Kickstarter thru 3/11/12 fundraising for the project...

Take care,

Ron (of Ron and Diane)

oneperson said...

Thanks Linda for the response! Ron and Diane seem to be great folks. I really enjoyed hearing a bit of their story on that short break on the trail. :)

Hey Ron! Good to hear from you and so excited to read that the journey continues. I just pledged over a Kickstarter. Crossing fingers that you get some big donors. Wish I had a mula tree!

Journey of Dreams: 10,000 miles, 10,000 dreams

oneperson said...

Forgot to say...

I was so excited to see my daughter, Sarah, in the video!!!

I wrote on my other blog about how I 'chanced' upon the video on New Year's Day, 2012:

"Over the holiday during our family gathering, the subject of the Appalachian Trail briefly came up. I mentioned to my daughter the incident she and I experienced over a year ago when we met Ron and Diane, creators of Journey of Dreams.

This morning, for the first time in at least 10 months, I visited Journey of Dreams website. To my delight, I found my daughter in one of the videos. (*big proud mama smile*)

My daughter appears in the last half in the video clip [...] on Ron and Diane's Journey of Dreams Webisode 6: NJ/NY....."

Thank you Ron & Diane!!!!

To life!
Progeny of Dreams