Tuesday, May 3, 2011


my stomach turns as i gaze
upon your feeding ground
innocent hearts sipping your syrup
until your poison nectar drowns

will they too discover your twisted ways
like needled barbs upon the stem
will they suffer harm as they imbibe
like a dose of coke that then goes dim

why do i even bother to care
i wish i'd never engaged your offers
i pray my heart will not implode
privately hissing a toxic scoffer


context may come later


SanchitaC said...

vivid! please keep it up. Sanchita

... Zoe ~ said...

Wow! I get this big time.

oneperson said...

Thank you SanchitaC and Zoe!

Sadly Zoe, this one is about my ex-therapist who is a "cult-recovery" counselor. ..... So many thoughts, so many conflicting emotions... :/

... Zoe ~ said...

I'm not surprised One. I've been following a bit of that story on your other blog. It's agony when the very ones who are suppose to help, hurt us...again. :-(

I can well imagine the emotional angst associated with it.

oneperson said...

Thanks Zoe.

What I've shared so far (about that whole bizarre scenario) is just scratching the surface.

I'm no longer amazed at the mold that begins to ooze out from under the wallpaper when one person begins to speak up. Yet, I still find myself doubting the evidence...though it continues to ooze out.

Filing that complaint was one of the hardest things I've ever done. :/

Thanks again Zoe!


oneperson said...

BTW:I think a damn is bursting within me now. I'm endeavoring to regulate the flow...but then I think...what the hell, let it spill...let it spill.

Hmm..reminds me of a poem! Ha!