Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Feel the hatred.
Feel the hatred.

Let it boil over
pen upon the page

Why do I allow
your deception
to haunt me
to steal my joy
my energy
my thoughts

You will work
your new crowd
as you have worked
hoarding sympathy
to feed your need

Grifting praise
to nourish the supply

Like a vampire
who promises
eternal life
you seduce and gorge

How long will this tour last?
Another ten years?
Perhaps six?
Maybe just three?

A far cry from eternal

May your lies be exposed
your heart laid wide
vultures be nourished
their livers, the filters
disposing the carnage

february 21, 2012


Anonymous said...

I so understand this.....
This really expressed a lot.

Anonymous said...

This speaks...screams...louder than any charade. <3

~Your #1 Anonymous

oneperson said...

Thanks April and Anonymous!

I know you both know this all too well.

I hope folks in the charades are able to one day see.

I even hope ( though ambivalently) that the charlatans themselves one day willingly own their actions and step forth with accountability...but I don't hold my breath for such.

To life and all the good with which we are blessed... :)