Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lately, the bastard

I seldom poetry anymore
I used to poetry a lot

What happened?
Why is my muse so distant?

This timidness in my psyche
I do not like
I hide
afraid to feel
until lately

I know, I know
But do not want to admit
The damage that bastard wrought upon
my soul

Lately I've felt anger
Lately I've felt hatred
the bastard

Then wondered if
maybe it's toward myself
for allowing the bastard influence
even after seven years

Fuck you bastard
I spit on the ground you walk
I curse your supposed righteous causes

I pray my soul can be freed
from this entrapment
and the muse can again
give voice

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A New Place

Every day,
I'm in a new place.

I awake to the sunshine,
for that day.

The bright beams
dispersed from over 92,000,000 miles away,
make landfall to each blade of grass
upon this rock of earth and water
crawling, streaming, galloping
with life.

there is life.
Some still undiscovered by us human creatures
who roam this rock.

The giant star 
warms our skins.
It lights our paths.
Our bodies and the earth
respond to its life-giving pulses.

As I move through the day,
I am in a new place
each second.
That space is new
for that momentary ruffle
in time.
All the ruffles
then cascade and ripple
making a river of time,
gorging renewed
places in history.

If I had a door
through which I could pass back and forth through time,
would I change the past
and thus the present and the future?

Or would I be like the sun?
Simply rise and set,
yet sustaining the life that is present
in that moment.

I know the sun can be deadly too.
Its indifference is austere,
like the rest of nature.

Science estimates that Sun will burn out
in another five billion years.

Unless our indifference
kills Sun sooner.

I think though,
we would be the first to go.

october 8, 2014


~giant star,  roan highlands, december's end, 2013~

~roan highlands, december's end, 2013, photo by elijah & friends~

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tribe: The Abled-Differently

We are the

It takes much effort to perform simple daily
That fact is a given. It is not the
We know it well. So, we
We don't have to explain or justify our
We know we are each doing the best we can on any given

We find humor in our circumstances. And together we
We get tired of the struggle. And together we
Together, we honor each
We don't try to make the tears go
We don't try to fix each
We don't offer each other unsolicited

We are well acquainted with
We have each become our own best
We have learned to give in without giving
We don't feel sorry for each
We feel an unspoken bond that goes beyond understanding - it is a

We are the


At times I envision myself living with others
Who physically move as I do
The smallest tasks are undertaken
With deliberate concentration and effort

That image of living with these 'others' is a fantasy
Most of my tribes are fantasies 
And I'm okay with that 
But parts of them are realities

In a sense...
Are not we all abled-differently?
In various hats and contexts?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Two years shy of sixty
I feel I should have words of wisdom
To share?

And maybe I do
But then again
What has not been shared already?

Yet those words would not be mine
But words of the ancients
Of those more enlightened than I?

Surely not
I too have survived the onslaughts of life
Have I not yet reached enlightenment?

En the ment of light
Light to more clearly see outlines of shadows
And the inside curves of reality

may 24, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I despise this heinous place
Pulled like steel to magnet
Into the self drama
From which I had escaped

A rope begins to bind
The expressions of my heart
I grimace and I writhe
Deny this bond its prize

Who controls this cord
Stealthily creeping in
Invisible yet strong
Strangling my passion

Invisible to the the eye
I see it with my heart
I feel its grip within
Tightening the cinch

Deny this girth its access!
Cast it to the ground!
Hurl this bit and rein!
My heart will not be bound!

I know 'twill by back
Its tricks to try again
One more time I'll cast it
And make my soul my friend

~ 03/26/2007 ~