Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Mighty Mountain

Your words are wearisome
as they gyrate sanctimonium,
round and round they roll
like a steamroller
trying to level a mighty mountain.

The more you prate
the farther from you I flee,
to refresh my soul in the marrow
abiding deep within the forest
of the mighty mountain.

Why do you deface such beauty with dis-grace?
Why do you paint her spirit so petty?
Why do you trample her life-giving essence?
Why do you deem the mountain so small?

Your steam will run dry
and though it stripped a tiny morsel
laying bare a small hillside,
your levelled chafe will be erased
and the lush hillside will flourish again
upon the mighty mountain.

The wildwood will blossom,
its glorious grandeur and strength
displayed for those who have eyes to see,
shelter and sustanence reviving sojourners
upon the mighty mountain.

A bush-league major cannot raze
the pristine quintessence
that abides within,
that thrives upon,
that displays her glory,
with the mighty mountain.

october 21, 2oo7

Special thanks to Annie whose trust rests in the mightiest mountain.


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