Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pinhole View: Prose 3

He lived His life
an obedient one.
He loved and foresaw
what was to come.

It was this love,
this vision,
this purpose
that spurred Him to do.

His life was the sacrifice
for me, for you.

What am I to do,
one so weak, so small?
How do I respond
to this magnificent call?

He simply says,
"Come. Rest. Relish.
In the work I have done."

"Take it.
Accept it.
I did it for You.
Embrace it.
Hold it.
All is true.
Hide it within.
Take it to heart.
This is the reason
I gave my all.
For you my child,
my friend."

"Once you embrace it,
please step aside.
Allow me entree to work within.
As you cast all your care...
all the guilt....
all the shame.....
all the sickness...
all the pain...
You shall find freedom
In a love

"Step aside.
Trust I know what is best.
Then take the step
of me working within."

"I will guide,
transform your heart.
But my child,
you first must start.
By simply accepting
all I have done.
To make you righteous
God's daughter, God's son."

february, 2006

This poem is Prose 3 of 3. All three parts can be read here:
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Prose 1 can be read alone here: Pinhole View: Prose 1
Prose 2 can be read alone here: Pinhole View: Prose 2

I wrote Prose 3 four months after leaving The Way. I had left The Way via a splinter group and, at the time, I felt I had found genuine fellowship again via that splinter group.

Even though my husband didn't officially leave The Way until April, he was on his way out before that time. Sometime around February, 2006, my husband and I had hosted a class in our home via that splinter group. A handful of Way believers who were questioning attended that class.

One of the leaders from the splinter group closed the class for us; it was a huge incident for me at the time. That I could call this leader directly and ask him to close the class, and he made the time to do so. He couldn't be with us in person, so he closed it via the speaker phone. He took time for each person to introduce themselves, if they wanted. It was a healing time.

The group and its teachings were beyond helpful at the time, and for that I will always be thankful.

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