Friday, January 24, 2014

The Willing Heart

[Note: From the deep archives...1981]

My entire soul vibrates
with the Life of Christ

all encompassing
with every vibrant hue.

Like a precious Gem sparkling and glowing
with Light's reflection,
I am the reflection of
the Giver of Light,
the Giver of Life,
the Giver of Love.

Within every cell of my Being
He fills.
Within every cell He is eager
to teach me;
ever ready and waiting
for my Heart
to be willing.

To Him the willing Heart is
without price.
For within that Heart He is able
to give
and from that Heart

By His love He gave freedom
of will
and the liberty
to choose.

He doesn't force or coerce.
He encourages with a tender
coaxes with a loving
He entreats
awaiting my decision.

What great joy
must fill the Father's Heart
when mankind believes
by the free choosing of his will.
What Love beyond
lies within Him,
and thus within me.
I simply need
to choose
to believe.

For within me
is the precious Gem
sparkling and glowing
with the Giver of Light's


Not sure what to say about this now, in 2014.

I turned 22 years old in 1981.


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