Saturday, July 11, 2009



of nonexistence

I despise it with a passion

of hypocrisy

I pray I never bow again

If left unchecked they breed a rage
to the blind audience

unchecked leads to

And the dazed, nescient crowd wonders

there's more than meets
the ear

july 3, 2007


The book "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" has a photo on the front cover - a man and a woman both with their index fingers over their lips... "shhhhh." The photo doesn't show their eyes.

That's how (or one way) any abuse can continue...the hush rule. "Don't tell." It's a "private" matter. Secrets.

Yet underneath all that silencing is an abuser in control.

It happens in social groups on a the office, in families, in social clubs, in churches, in internet chat rooms and online forums. In The Way it was known as the "lock box."

When someone escapes that power, the mindset can (will?) continue until the abused directly addresses the mindset and restructures thinking patterns. It's not an easy task; it's hard damn work.

The person may (most likely will) go through a phase of bitterness and rage. If that phase isn't addressed properly; the rage can erupt like a volcano into violent reactions, words, and deeds. It may quiet, but still boils underneath. Unless it is dealt with properly, the violence may escalate when the right catalyst comes along.



Anonymous said...

Your poetry is awesome!!!!

You speak to me through it!

People who haven't gone through being betrayed, shunned, excommunicated, judged, slandered, shamed, used, taken advantage of, damaged to the core of our beings & tossed aside for disagreeing w/ a religious dogma ....well, it's just something one wouldn't understand fully unless they experienced it.

It truly is a spiritual rape...spiritual, psychological & emotional terrorism.

I was told to "watch out for God's fiery indignation..." when I had decided that I had taken enough abuse in the name of twisted religion, & walked away from the cult. A supposed "friend" in the cult informed me that "when the XXX family left, he died of a heart attack 2 weeks after leaving..." Talk about using fear!!

Then the leader gets up & screams with supposed authority from his pulpit at the sheep, that anyone is "free to leave this church!!!". I'm looking around & wondering if anyone else is seeing the dishonesty in that statement????

It is crazy making
It is doublespeak to me.

Living what we lived through & others I can fully see how someone could just lose it & go "postal"...I don't justify anyone hurting another, but when a person has been abused & that abuse has been hushed & silenced & ignored...this is not good...this is not right & can lead to much unresolved anger.

Just my opinion colored by my own experiences.

You understand & your poem speaks the truth.

April Galamin - Griffiths

Oneperson said...

Thanks so much April. :-)

You continue to inspire me and bring me great comfort.

I'm beyond thankful our paths crossed.

I'd love to make that Chicago trip if it works out.

I love you!!!


MJPease said...

Hello Carol, It's Mike Pease or MJPease. Your work is very intriguing or as another said inspirational. I started to leave a comment and ended up on a hayride signing up for this and that in order tolet you know I stopped by. I would have much rather spent the time reading more I'll be back again. Take Care

Oneperson said...


Thanks for stopping by Michael!! Now you can start a blog too, since you went on that hayride and got all signed up. ;-)

Actually, one doesn't have to have an account to leave a comment. One just needs to click on the dot beside "Anonymous" under "Choose an identity."

I've been on lots of hayrides since I began exhibiting symptoms of blogomania syndrome. ;-)

Thanks again Michael!!

Cyber hay... omg! Aaaaachoooo....
~carol :-)

MJPease said...

Start a blog Hmmm! Carol I refuse to be Anonymous. I don't beleive in being Anonymous. If I write it say it or print it it's MJPease. Ok let's see how this works out. I'll catch you later. Take Care

MJPease said...

Not even a sneeze. They even made the puzzle easier. Take Care

Oneperson said...

lol... hehe

Yes, I refuse to be anonymous too. Yet I understand the reason folks may choose anonymity. :-)

Glad the cyber immune cells built some resistance to the hay seed! ;-)

Thanks again Michael... :-)